The Dungeon: UFO’s

November 19th, 2017

   In the newest podcast, Tim Clifton reviews a very bad Syfy movie about Demons who were killed by salt water.  Doesn't that even sound terrible? 

   Then, Dan interviews Kenneth Dudley from Houston Texas. He had an amazing experience with an extraterrestrial craft in the desert late on night, and has since been on a crusade to find the truth.  Finally, Dan enjoys a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat beer while reading a story from about an experience in an abandoned house. 

   Finally, a special thanks to St. Louis Paranormal Society and the Fox Theater of St. Louis for the invitation to speak at the Fox Theater about the ghosts we've encountered there. Check out the ghost experiences available at www. 

The Dungeon: Downtown Washington, Missouri Ghosts.

October 1st, 2017

In our most recent podcast, Tim Clifton's Suicide Theater talks about an early, silent, creepy movie called Nosferatu. Then, Dan talks with Lady Elizabeth, the host of the new downtown Washington, Missouri ghost tours. We discuss several haunted places, including her own Farmers Market and the famous Eliza McClains. 

    The drink of the night is a California wine called The Divining Rod.  In honor of the facts that 1) Dan's favorite place to investigate is the John Busch Brewery in Washington, and 2) That was where he first used Divining rods, True Tales of Terror involve a passage from his book River Shadows about the hauntings in the original Busch Brewery.

     Finally, Dan gives a rundown on his busy October schedule and where you can here him Ghost Talk. For the Haunted Hermann Trolley Tour, check out   For the rest of the schedule, go to


The Dungeon: The Lemp Brewery Experience

September 30th, 2017

Some of you may remember hearing the interview with Mark Farley from St. Louis Paranormal Society before. Listen in, at the end I explain why it was taken down and how it was reposted.

The Dungeon: Black Hat Hypnosis

July 14th, 2017

The Dungeon: Black Hat Hypnosis

July 13th, 2017

This week starts with Tim Clifton's Suicide Cinema, in which he checks out and discusses two paranormal TV shows which seem to be going in opposite directions.  Next, we speak with Victor Verum of Black Hat Hypnosis. We'll be discussing their big show on Saturday, July 15th at the Walt Theater, as well as past live regression and other topics. 

   The drink of the evening, due to the hot Missouri summer, is a simple landshark Lagar with a chunk of lime.  The True Tale of Terror once again comes from Backpackerverse, in which a young child finds herself playing Hide and Seek with some seriously disturbed children ghosts. 

The Dungeon: St. Louis Haunted History

March 25th, 2017

     The episode begins with Tim Clifton's Suicide Cinema, where he beheads the 1965 zombie musical "The Increadibily Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies".  (Now I know you want to see that!)

     Following this is an interview with David Riordan, owner of St. Louis Haunted History Tours.  David will give you a brief synopsis of some of the ghost tour, which starts near the Gateway Arch in Downtown St. Louis.  David also discussed some of the reasons for the hauntings, such as the area where cholera victims were stacked like cord wood waiting for burial, and of course the most famous hauntings in St. Louis, the 1947 Exorcist Case and the Lemp family.

     We start True Tales of Terror with the drink of the day, Outer Space Vodka.  Once we survived that, in keeping with the St. Louis theme of the evening, a passage was read from Dans second book, Missouri Shadows.  This dealt with the Rambaramp, a effigy of a warrior with the original warriors skull which was said to stalk the halls of the St. Louis Art Museum, shattering the glass to escape his new cell. 

The Dungeon: Lena Townsend, Psychic Medium

March 16th, 2017

On this episode, we start with Tim Clifton's Suicide Theater , in which he joins most of the paranormal world in panning the 2016  remake of Ghostbusters.  The main guest for the evening is Lena Townsend, a psychic medium who "Sees Dead People".  There were some sound problems we have never encountered before, and at one point, early in the interview, I swear I heard the voice of a little girl.  Could it be an EVP?  Lena spoke later of the spirit of a small child she had met, who met her fate at the Villisca Murder House in Iowa. 

    After the interview, I had a drink of the famous "Jim Bean Ghost" whiskey.  (and I needed it!)  Then, I read from the book "River Shadows: Ghosts and Legends of America's River Towns."  The section was about our experiences at the Riders House in Ohio. Then, I added the true story of a spirit that followed me home from there, and met his violent exit via the spirit of  my own home.

Psychic Detective Ginette Matacia Lucas

February 13th, 2017

Ginette Matacia Lucas is a renowned Paranormal Adviser and expert in Dowsing.  She is also a psychic Detective who has been consulted with in some very high-profile cases including the Casey Anthony missing child/murder case, and the Holly Bobo case.  She has also been consulted by people searching for missing persons, oil, and treasure.  Listen in as Ginette tells of the cases she's been involved in, bringing in assistance from Beyond.


In Suicide Cinema, Tim reviews another stinker called The Hallow, at 2015 video with only a monster as a positive comment.  In True Tales of Terror, Dan reads from his own book, River Shadows, and shares a personal story from the haunted John Busch Brewery in Washington, Mo.  He also adds a comment about the recent superbowl commercial concerning Adolphus Busch, brother of John Busch. 




December 25th, 2016

Merry Christmas:

Tonights Episode includes a story from a young lady named Amber Wellman, who works with Ecto-Vision Paranormal out of Ohio.  She tells a tale of her mothers spirit visiting her each Christmas season, and making her presence known.  Check out her Teams You-Tube page for some of their adventures.

   After checking out a Christmas wine, we read the story from Backpackerverse concerning a demonic visitation one Christmas night.  You should check out the stories available for free from Backpackerverse.  They are pretty scary...


   We'll be back next month with further paranormal stories.  Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


December 4th, 2016

We start with Tim Clifton reviewing a Booth Brothers movie called Dead Still, a crapper/slasher movie.  Our main guest for the night is Monica Wilson, one of the founders of Spirit Encounters Research Team (SERT) in Jena, Louisiana.  Her team recently had some incredible experiences in a library in the historical town of Colfex, La.  Check out their facebook page,, or check out their Youtube page, S.E.R.T. Spirit Encounters Research Team

S.E.R.T. Spirit Encounters Research Team


The drink of the evening is from Ole Smokey Distillary in Gatlinburg, Tn.  There apple pie-flavored moonshine is really tasty, especially around Christmas Time. I hope they survived the fire there last week.  The shirt for the evening, in keeping up with the Louisiana feel, is a Voodoo shirt I purchased on my last trip to New Orleans.  For the evenings True Tales of Terror, our own Tim Clifton called in to describe an incident in which he was thrown out of a local Walmart by an angry, soaking wet spirit. 

And, in case I don't get the chance later, Merry Christmas!


November 13th, 2016

This is the Halloween episode of The Dungeon. I regret that it came out late, due to illness. Please enjoy your first Halloween in...The Dungeon!

   In Suicide Cinema, Tim Clifton reviews a recent movie called "The Cube", which seems like a real STINKER!

   Our main guest is Theresa Reavey, an experienced ghost hunter who specializes in determining demonic activity. If she believes the case involves the Unholy, she contacts the church for help. She can be contacted through the Missouri Paranormal Research facebook page.

   In True Tales of Terror, Dan reads a passage from his book, Too Ornery To Die. This one is the story of Lavina Fisher, a multiple murderess from the chapter "Message for the Devil." 

   The drink tonight is O'Fallon Brewing Company Halloween favorite "Pumpkin Beer". The shirt of the evening comes from my first investigation at the Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, KY.

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