The Dungeon: St. Louis Haunted History

March 25th, 2017

     The episode begins with Tim Clifton's Suicide Cinema, where he beheads the 1965 zombie musical "The Increadibily Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies".  (Now I know you want to see that!)

     Following this is an interview with David Riordan, owner of St. Louis Haunted History Tours.  David will give you a brief synopsis of some of the ghost tour, which starts near the Gateway Arch in Downtown St. Louis.  David also discussed some of the reasons for the hauntings, such as the area where cholera victims were stacked like cord wood waiting for burial, and of course the most famous hauntings in St. Louis, the 1947 Exorcist Case and the Lemp family.

     We start True Tales of Terror with the drink of the day, Outer Space Vodka.  Once we survived that, in keeping with the St. Louis theme of the evening, a passage was read from Dans second book, Missouri Shadows.  This dealt with the Rambaramp, a effigy of a warrior with the original warriors skull which was said to stalk the halls of the St. Louis Art Museum, shattering the glass to escape his new cell. 

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