The Dungeon: Lena Townsend, Psychic Medium

March 16th, 2017

On this episode, we start with Tim Clifton's Suicide Theater , in which he joins most of the paranormal world in panning the 2016  remake of Ghostbusters.  The main guest for the evening is Lena Townsend, a psychic medium who "Sees Dead People".  There were some sound problems we have never encountered before, and at one point, early in the interview, I swear I heard the voice of a little girl.  Could it be an EVP?  Lena spoke later of the spirit of a small child she had met, who met her fate at the Villisca Murder House in Iowa. 

    After the interview, I had a drink of the famous "Jim Bean Ghost" whiskey.  (and I needed it!)  Then, I read from the book "River Shadows: Ghosts and Legends of America's River Towns."  The section was about our experiences at the Riders House in Ohio. Then, I added the true story of a spirit that followed me home from there, and met his violent exit via the spirit of  my own home.

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