Psychic Detective Ginette Matacia Lucas

February 13th, 2017

Ginette Matacia Lucas is a renowned Paranormal Adviser and expert in Dowsing.  She is also a psychic Detective who has been consulted with in some very high-profile cases including the Casey Anthony missing child/murder case, and the Holly Bobo case.  She has also been consulted by people searching for missing persons, oil, and treasure.  Listen in as Ginette tells of the cases she's been involved in, bringing in assistance from Beyond.


In Suicide Cinema, Tim reviews another stinker called The Hallow, at 2015 video with only a monster as a positive comment.  In True Tales of Terror, Dan reads from his own book, River Shadows, and shares a personal story from the haunted John Busch Brewery in Washington, Mo.  He also adds a comment about the recent superbowl commercial concerning Adolphus Busch, brother of John Busch. 



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